Dorothy. Blanche. Rose. Sophia.

16 Jul

golden girlsLet me first just say that I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW.

No, I haven’t just discovered this show or just magically became infatuated with this colorful bunch last week or anything–hell, I wasn’t born til midway through the show’s run!

However in the 199…something, I was introduced to the show while playing with my aunt’s good wig and I was instantly sucked in.

“Thank you for being a frienddd!” dun…dun…dun.

I just love this group of old, spunky, smart, sexy women. From Rose’s blonde mound of hair sprayed perfection to Dorothy, the sophisticated slick-mouthed savage, I am simply glued to the television every time I tune in.

The Blanche sexcapades. Come on! To be a sexually fluid, liberated ol’ magnolia queen–OUT-RAGEOUS! I hope to be blessed with even a smidge of Blanche’s charm, elegance and Marilyn-like appeal well into my golden years.

As much I as I adore Blanche, Sophia is my spirit animal. Petrillo-Sophia Petrillo, the Sicilian spitfire. She is literally the Poligrip that holds these ladies together through all their ups and downs with the death of spouses/loved ones, sickness, unemployment and lost of self-confidence. If being golden is anything like Sophia, that’s what I strive to be, now and forever.

I kid you not–every time I heel the click-clack of the kitten heels on that kitchen floor, I am delighted to see the future routine of my girlfriends and I in 50 years. Sitting at the common meeting place gossiping over eating ice cream, chocolate cake or of the Sunday night leftovers.

I just hope none of my girlfriends bust out with one of those God awful St. Olaf stories.







Junkies. Are. Us!

2 Jun

FullSizeRender (1)My name is Galynne and I am a beauty addict.

I will never forget slathering Vaseline across my face cause I heard my grandmother say “it keeps my skin tight and right!”

Vaseline was the FIRST ever beauty product that I learned to use for many purposes–from moisturizing skin to last minute lip sheen; IT WAS PERFECT.

Before I knew it, I graduated from Root Beer and Watermelom Lipsmackers to the OG MAC clear lipgloss and Dazzleglass and even elevated to The Supremes of lipstick magic–The Mattes.

Beyond The Mattes, I became educated and immensely interested in beauty outside of the realm of makeup through its natural extension–skincare.

Now I thought: How can I exhibit the idea of beauty without starting from the basics? How is my skin going to react to beauty products and sustain successfully through the years and most importantly, POP? Make-up is simply not enough, skincare is the foundation.

Because of my obsessive interest,  Sephora is my savior and there is not a serum, moisturizer, or sheet mask that I do not own.

This is my life. This is what I do and gives me that “soft and pink” (hey Auntie Wendy, how you doing?) everyday.

It is simply everything.

Daddy Issues.

30 May

First and foremost, I love my dad– let’s get that out of the way. 🙂

I was not able to have a full-time father and I miss that sometimes…it’s actually biting me in the butt. 😦

As a young woman, the more I enter “situationships” (yes ladies, ya’ll not together but do together things) and relationships– I still feel some kind of magnetic pull to a man who is just like my father. The security, the towering presence, the big heart, the greatest ego in the room…yes, I look for all of it! I find it and tuck it away for safe keeping and don’t want to let it go EVER.

Yes, I am aware that no MAN can ever give me the love and support I crave but am I less of a human, a young woman to not want these things for myself? I know you think COMMUNICATION is a key and tell your father how you feel GIRL! It’s not that simple–in fact, it wasn’t that simple.

Time passes and memories fade (the few you have) and the relationship that you were beginning to build has dissipated. The block of ice was being chipped away from this thing called a heart. Trust was a new noun in my vocabulary. The walls were falling down and I was feeling free, hunny–free to love, free to care, free to laugh, free to BE.

I just want to be free to be with someone and not look for my father in them–who knew that could be so hard? Tuh!


inspireHER: Quote of the Week

14 Aug

inspireHER: Quote of the Week


inspireHER: Quote of the Week

8 Mar

Galynne 12

Monochromatic: Black and White: Spring 2013

5 Mar

Galynne 4

Saying goodbye to winter is sooo hard…the boots, the sweaters, the coats and the scarves are some of my personal favs but its time to say HELLO to the Spring!

Birds, flowers, and of course, fashion!

I wanted to highlight one of my favorite trends for this season, Monochromatic: Black and White. Hues of black and white has already made splashes through runway previews but will be revamped into a fresh and cool and breezy trend for 2013… enjoy.




It’s here! Essie’s Spring 2013 Collection

5 Mar

Courtesy of Essie! 2013 Spring Nail Color Collection…Love it.

MustSee TV: Winter 2013 Edition

31 Jan


So I’m an avid television viewer, especially in the era of pop-up reality television, and I have compiled a list of some of my must-see favs on the tube right now…enjoy.

1. Catfish-This is HANDS DOWN some of the most emotionally charged and on the edge of your seat type television. In the age of explosive online dating, who hasn’t lived their own Catfish story? Brilliant.

2. Big Rich Atlanta-DRAMA, DRAMA…good old Country fried drama! As the next installment after Big Rich Texas, these moms and daughters take decadence and catfighting to a whole other level…and I do admit–they look good doing it!

3. Cheer Perfection-One word: Ann. This show is supposed to be about a gym of teams of young kids and teenagers who competes in various competitions in and around Arkansas but Ann steals the show with her underhanded maliciousness, undeniable laziness and Ithinkimthebreakoutstar syndrome (this syndrome hasn’t been discovered yet 🙂 )

4. Vanderpump Rules-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump, has got her hands full with running her posh and premiere restaurant, SUR, but the personal drama of her young and starry-eyed staff such as  the love triangle of Stassi, Jax, and Frank, has overshadowed the entire purpose of the show.

5. Real Husbands of Hollywood-Besides Kevin Hart becoming the modern day comedic genius, his pure foolishness is now on every Tuesday on BET through a semi-scripted reality show based off of the successful brand of Bravo’s Housewives franchise. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Robin Thicke is the ultimate resident eye candy.

My Love…Gotta Have It: The Series

22 Jan

MAC 10 Whenever I need a POP of girly pink,  is the ONE to run to ladies. It is bold enough for any occasion but won’t take over your entire face like some shades of lipstick. It is sophisticated, statement worthy and fun all at the same time—what girl doesn’t want that beautiful combination??? I rest my case. This is a true investment for Spring 2013. Simply put, you just gotta have it.

InspireHER: Quote of the Week

16 Jan


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